To The Queens

Hi There Queen !
I hope your day has been as special as you are and that you have received a lot of love, happiness and joy as that is what you absolutely deserve.
It is actually late into the evening as I write this and I refuse to hit the sheets until I have spoken what is so strongly currently sitting on my heart about Only Her. I intend for this blog post to be as authentic and raw as possible because what is better than a transparent womanly chat ? Absolutely nothing. Except for milk chocolate. 
Okay, enough of me dwelling into the world of all things sweet, I just had a few delicious chocolate bombs and it may take a while for me to get past that gorgeous aroma.
If you do not know, my name is Chanelle and I am the Founder of Only Her. I have a strong passion for fashion, however, if you know me on any personal level, you would know that I love nothing more than empowering all woman in all areas of their life. I did not want Only Her to be just a platform of picking and choosing the latest in women's fashion but I aspire for it to be a place of uplifting and inspirational ideas, blogs and words as well. I want it to be a network that our Queens can come onto when they need an extra dose of fierceness into their souls. So in this first blog I would like to touch on what I believe the Only Her woman is and how she has the power within her to be a world changer and how that woman is totally YOU !
Only Her ? Why the name Only Her ?
When I envision the Only Her woman in my mind, Wonder Woman always appears. You see ladies, Wonder Woman did not need any validation from anyone that was in her surroundings. She lost battles but hustled back up again. She stepped out into the land that even men were afraid to step out on. Nothing could break her or stop her. She may have had a few cuts and bruises along the way, but that motivated her to get back up again and continue saving the world. This reminds me of Only Her. Independent, strong and a hustler. 
So to my Queens at Only Her, this is just the beginning of our journey together. I promise to always have you in the most glamorous pieces, but I also vow to make sure I do absolutely everything I can to empower you to become that World Changer that has already been appointed to you. It's already down on the inside of you, but we all need a little touch of empowerment. I want to do exactly that just here. 
So let's begin Queen.
You have the power to do absolutely ANYTHING you set your heart on. Where your energy and attention goes, that is where manifestation begins to happen.
I'll talk to you soon beautiful.
Xx Chanelle Xx





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