More Than One

Hi Queen.. It’s Chanelle again. 
I have had a message on my heart for a few days now and I could not wait any longer to release it out into the world and hopefully have it be an eye opener to my beautiful readers. 
Almost two weeks ago I launched Only Her which is an online fashion boutique as you are all well aware of. However, I still was not satisfied with what I had created. Although seeing a dream of mine come to fruition so early on in my life that I had assumed would become reality a couple years down the track, I still wanted to strive for more with Only Her and what it would bring to this world. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I absolutely love empowering and supporting all women. I enjoy inspiring and motivating. Whether that be through words or actions, to be able to have the ability to make the world a better place I will use to my full capacity. Uploading content on my social platforms which were only fashion based was not satisfying me as I could feel that I had been given the opportunity to inspire, motivate and empower beyond the fashion realm. Fashion has always been a way that I expressed myself and I envisioned for Only Her to be a place where women can come on and express there true selves through my styles and products. Over the past days I started uploading different content in comparison to the usual images of dresses, tops, pants etc. More quotes, words and ideas that would brighten up people’s lives and be a source of motivation to them. When I would mention to the ones around me what I aspired to create on Only Her I would receive answers like 
“ stick to fashion ” or “ don’t do too much” 
Although I thought about these comments for a while and took them into thought I remembered that I never want to put a label on myself nor do I want any other woman believing she can only do or be one thing in this world. My business is fashion but does that mean I can’t share words and ideas that I feel in my heart need to be heard ? Absolutely not
A woman is so powerful and has the complete ability to be whatever and whoever she dreams of becoming. I highly disregard it when many say that we can only be a certain someone in this world or do a certain job when we have been blessed with multiple talents and skills that were gifted to us for a unique purpose. What I desire Only Her becoming, no matter how descriptive I may be with my words trying to explain it to another person or how detailed I could try to be, they may still not understand what I want to create. And guess what I thought to myself ? That is absolutely okay. Nobody has to see what I see for Only Her but I will most certainly show them. 
I read a quote awhile ago and it basically said that when you are wearing prescription glasses and someone else asks to try them, more times than not,  they won’t be able to see clearly.  
That’s because your vision is not theirs. Their vision is not yours. Everyone has a vision for their life and I have decided instead of trying tirelessly to be so detailed at explaining my goals for Only Her to others because they can’t understand my vision I will just simply leave it to myself and show them the end result. 
I refuse to be only one thing in this life and I hope that every woman reading this feels the same. I hope that when you are boarding on a plane and they ask for your occupation you don’t know what to write because you touched into your inner self and became everything God appointed you to be. Launching a business has opened up many pathways to uncovering many talents and gifts I never knew I had down on the inside of me. It took being brave and courageous to unlock those talents. We all have to jump at some point in our life when we are standing on a cliff to see what we are truly made of. Either three things can happen. You fall, you hurt yourself or you fly. No matter what happens, you always get back up again. I’m willing to jump off that cliff many times to see what’s on the other side and I would love if you do too. 
I want to make my story a good one to tell,  so how about you ? What are you going to do differently this new year that will create a change in your life ? I’m willing to die to anything that is not serving the woman I am becoming and I would love if you continue to join me on this stunning journey so we can become women of impact and change this world as a team.
Let’s do this 2020 ! It’s not the start of a new year but rather the start of a whole new decade.  
Love you Queen
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